6.XX Downgrader V4 Released (UPDATE)


Some1 posted online his latest and long awaited downgrader for 6.60 OFW. It’s compatible with all PSP models. You can downgrade from 6.60/6.39/6.38/6.35/6.31 to any OFW compatible with your motherboard  nevertheless Some1 advises us not to use below 5.00 as it hasn’t been tested. You will find the motherboard compatible FW below. It’s a risky operation and we are not responsible if something happens to you console. The downgrader uses new kernel fault found by Davee.



  • Added Support for 6.60
  • Fixed 6.60 problem that didn’t allow to downgrade to anything greater than 6.20, thanks to Davee
  • Allows any updater that is greater than or equal to the factory installed OFW (Has not been fully tested, will most likely work on 5.00 and up)
  • Special Sauce added by Proxima


  • Added Source Code
  • Added Safety net just in case, for some reason, your psp does not have the 0x51 key, the safety net sets minimum version to 6.35 if you were getting an error from v4.
  • Includes Proxima’s prxencrypter with gzip support.

How to install :

  • How to install it  : Place the “6.xx Downgrader V4.1″ from the downgrader’s archive folder  in PSP/GAME. Add the update of the OFW to want ( EBOOT.PBP )  to PSP/GAME/UPDATE ( with capitals ).
  • How to use : Run it from Game – Memory Stick and follow the instructions on the screen to downgrade ( you need 75% battery or you will be kicked off the program ). Probably around 85-90 % you will get an error -don’t worry it’s normal. When boot after the install you ‘ll see a blue screen asking you to hit O. Do it. If instead of blue screen got blank on fresh boot press the following : SELECT+START+Square + Triangle.

List of motherboards and the OFW they support :

  1. 1g -Any
  2. 2g with flashable motherboard -Above 3.60 ( You can not distinguish this from the next without a cfw so I’ll advise you to not flash 2g below 4.01 )
  3. 2g with unflashable motheboard -Above 4.01
  4. 3g -Above 4.20
  5. 4g -Above 5.70
  6. 5g -Above 5.70
  7.  7g/9g -Above 6.30

How to find your motherboard type : Download PSP Module checker 1. 0 and place the folder “PSPModuleChecker1.0″ rared in it in PSP/GAME then run it on your PSP from Game – Memory stick. See what’s written.

PSP Module Checker DownloadPSP Module Checker 1.0

PSP Module Checker DownloadSome1’s 6.XX Downgrader V4.1

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  1. Hddamd7 says:

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaank’s maan =D

    it work correctly 10/10

    i downgrade from ofw 6.60 to 5.50 with no probleme :)

    hmd ^^

  2. Razormaiden says:

    The best I can tell everyone (based on the comments I see here) is to install CFW for 6.60.

    I use CFW 6.60 Pro-B9, it’s a temporary CFW. 
    I may be wrong, but I’d be willing to bet money that the reason you guys are getting the 800000 errors is because you’re trying to launch the downgrader on OFW.
    Install CFW, then launch the downgrader.

    Make sure that the downgrader is in this folder:
    PSP/GAME/UPDATE <— that folder.
    Inside your GAME folder,make sure you have a folder called UPDATE, if not, make one and place the downgrader in it.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Ibraheemmohammed99 says:

    The game could no be started.

  4. is there a reason i cant run it? it only shows up as corrupted data.

    • Apejuak9876 says:

       before you runing downgrader,make sure your psp cfw pro10,but your stil ofw 6.60 can
      ‘t do anything,easy to work,,,,,

  5. I love you guys for this thank you!

  6. Rainbow20dash says:

    you now fuck alll ho whant to tying to downgrading his psp al models i just going to sell my psp and buy another psp problem solved

  7. NathaniaEsquilona says:

    Why does it shows a Corrupted File ? I can’t downgrade now . is there any way to fix this Corrupted File thing ? 

  8. Adam says:

    Just trying to find a damn 5.03 OFW is a pain in the ass.. anyone got a WORKING link?

  9. vijay says:

    i cant understand this step….Can u help me?
    Add the update of the OFW to want ( EBOOT.PBP ) to PSP/GAME/UPDATE ( with capitals ).

  10. Aurath says:

    I put the Downgrader onto my memory stick. Its recomened to use 1.50 firmware for hacks and homebrews? So I downloaded that and put it into the right folder…. Fire up the downgrader, I get blue text and it tells me to hit X. ALl good so far…… then nothing… screen goes blace and then… the PSP shuts off…… any ideas?
    IF it helps, my psp is the oldest type, on 6.39. Its a 1G psp….. please help.
    So much I could do with my psp, but I can’t till I can downgrade :) ty

  11. Cory says:

    Instructions not clear enough.

  12. boss says:

    yeah WORKS MY ASS

  13. RYAN says:


  14. Zinc777 says:

    Can’t download PSP Module Checker v1.0.

    It said “403 Forbidden. Access to this resource on the server is denied!”