6.39 PRO-B7: Custom Firmware for PSP 1000 and hackable 2000



Coder Yoti has managed to make the famous Team PRO LCFW, a Custom Firmware for 1000 and 2000 (with DateCode 8B or lower ). This custom firmware is not a Lite Custom Firmware (like 6.20TN Permanent/normal or 6.20PRO Permanent/normal). It is a FULL Custom Firmware such as 6.39 ME or 5.00 M33/5.50 GEN but only for hackable PSP’s.

Warning: If you run it from a PSP 2000 (DateCode 8C/Ta-88v3), PSP 3000 and you will get a FULL Brick!

Revision f6312063516a unofficial changelog:
PSP Dark Alex Packer compressed for compatibility with the user-mode payload module
Support for booting ISO UMD VIDEO (VSH Menu)
Latina1ISO Filename function added (Recovery Menu)
MS speedup has been added (Recovery Menu)
MS buffer function has been added (Recovery Menu)
CIPL Flasher (unsigned) for hackable PSPs (to make 6.39 permanent only on hackable PSPs)

1. Install 6.39 OFW
2. Execute Pro Update
3. Execute Fast Recovery
4. Execute CIPL Flasher to install custom IPL from Yoti to make permanent just like 6.20



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