6.35 Custom Firmware V16. Converted PSX game support


March 5th: Another update from , v16 released. Fixes multi-disk PSX support.

Updated 3th March. 6.35  Custom Firmware v15 released. Adds converted PSX support, so all PSX titles should be working now.

— Converted PS1 support.
— Supports the categorization in the iso folder with GCL.

This Custom Firmware 6.35 is only for -2000 model’s that can use pandora batteries. If you use this on a ta88+, -3000 or GO you will brick your system!

22nd Feb: v14. Add iso driver. (“Normal -UMD required-” and “ME driver -NO UMD-“)

19th Feb: 6.35 Custom Firmware V13 was just posted today by Neur0n, download below updated

Update#5: Version 12 released, Adds UMD Video support. Mount in the VHS Menu.

Update#4: Checking Neur0n’s twitter page I see yet another update, this guy doesn’t stop improving it. It will now run ISO’s without the decrypt EBOOT if they require OFW less than version 6.35. Here is the since we last looked at his 6.35 Custom Firmware. The download is at the bottom of this page. Read the readme inside the zip for installation instructions.

6.35 Custom Firmware v13 changelog:

— Bug fix.
— Update NidResolver.
— Support UMD Video.
— Update OPNSSMP option. Now you can run ISO without decrypt EBOOT.bin ,if ISO’s required FW is lower than 6.35.
— Change config file name from config.se to config.me .
— Fix USB toggle bug in RecoveryMenu.
— Add patch to antiCFW function.
— Add OPNSSMP option.
— Update NidResolver.

Update#3: Version 9 is out, now adds the NP9660 ISO Driver.

Update#2: Version 8 is now out. Download below:

— Fix DigitalComic crach.
— Fix cursor when use skiplogo option.
— Fix ciso icon loader.
— Unlock avc video(480×272).
— Update system patch to allow syscall from kernel_mode.

Update: Neur0n has released version 7 with has Fixed the NidResolver’s bug.

Neur0n has updated his PSP-2000 Custom Firmware 6.35 to v6, this new update adds a VSH Menu and Recovery menu. If you hold R shoulder button on boot, it will launch the recovery menu. Just like the M33 and GEN Custom Firmwares.

Remember this is only for PSP-2000’s that can use Pandora batteries if bricked. Use this Custom Firmware at your own risk!

6.35 beta v6 for PSP2000 by neur0n

–What is this?–
This is CFW work on PSP2000.

this CFW is beta version.
you shouldn’t use this tool ,if you donft have a pandora battery handy.
This will only work on hackable psp 2000 models. other model is not supported.

–How to Install–
1. install OFW6.35 in your PSP.
2. Install 6.35PRO in your PSP.
3. Run this tool on 6.35PRO

You can install this from 6.35Custom v2 ,v3, v4 and v5 too.

Hold R trigger and turn on the psp, you can enter recovery menu.
Hold Home button and turn on the psp, you can Boot OFW !!!!!!!

— For Developers —
vshmenu_src is vshmenu’s source.
If you have a Programming skill,you can create original vshmenu!

If you create satelite.prx , put it in ms0:/seplugins/satelite.prx .
It would be loaded priority than flash0.

— Update Nid Resolver.
— Update Recovery Menu.
— Added vshmenu.
v5 -fix
— fix bug when run official UMD/PSN Games.
— Update Nid Resolver. Now you can use PSPLink!
— Update Recovery Menu
— Update Nid resolver. Now you can use Prometheus ISO loader!
v3 -fix
— fix config save functin
— Add recovery menu and bit of config.
— Update Nid resolver. Now you can use CXMB plugin !

Source: neur0n / Twiiter

Download: PSP 6.35 Custom Firmware V21
(PSP 6.35 Custom Firmware V21 - 422.6 KiB - 12,584 Hits)

Download: PSP Firmware 6.35
(PSP Firmware 6.35 - 30.1 MiB - 116,088 Hits)

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  1. sevy_philippines says:

    the psp custom fimware 6.37 ME v1 for psp 2000 has been release,.,.
    it features a dual boot support,.,.

  2. Ishmum says:

    Homebrew–It keeps on getting better and better and….ok I should stop

  3. shakib says:

    he bro where cn i gt frimware for psp go

    • HaloFreak says:

      Unfortunately for PSPgo you’re stuck with the HEN TN series or the PRO-Ax series. There’s no permanent CFW for PSPgo. Trust me, I have one. However, I use 6.35 PRO-A4 and am very happy with it, so I would recommend that for sure.

  4. 4U2C says:

    can somebody tell the step by step how to ugrade to this CFW from 5.50 prome-4,,?

    • HaloFreak says:

      1. Download 6.35 official firmware from Sony
      2. Install it on your PSP
      3. Run 6.35 PRO
      4. Run 6.35 CFW.

  5. H2O says:

    can somebody tell step by step how to upgrade to this CFW from 5.50 prome4

  6. Fajr says:

    this one also supports dual boot!

  7. beats says:

    can somebody tell me if this CFW supports all old and new iso/cso/eboot games??? pls reply asap

  8. Rajat says:

    I have psp 3000, 6.20 OFW
    plzzz tel me how to do it….

  9. 1+1=3 says:

    i have psp 2000, 5.50 Prometheus-4
    how to do it,,,?

  10. Tiko says:

    i really need help with this,i have a psp with a broken screen,i used to play it by using remotejoylite on version 5.00m33-6,i somehow acomplished to update to 6.35,after i installed 6.35 pro-b, then i moved from Pro-b to Custom Firmware V14,but now my remotejoylite doesn’t work anymore

    appreciate if someone could tell me where to get remotejoy compatible with this version

    thanks in advance

  11. Scudreloaded says:

    Oh hai there.
    had a psp 2001 running on 6.20 signed hen.
    downlaoded the 6.35 update. made an update folder in my ms0:\PSP\GAME\UPDATE
    placed the 6.35 update there. RENAME it to 6.35.pbp
    download the 6.35 cfw and placed it in that same folder. it should be left named UPDATE..
    ran the program from my XMB via the enabler.
    it had to verify the 6.35 and what not. that took a lil longer than expected kinda.
    there was a part where my memory stick indicator was flashing on and off alot and the screen was black. it also turned blue before it booted into what seemed like a normal 6.35 update screen.
    i continued with that update screen cuz there are 6.35 HEN’s avalible if need be.
    installed and checked the firmware version via settings and its a cfw.
    ISO support from the XMB.
    thats the main reason i did this.
    coolio…hopefully this all works nice.

  12. KAGE033 says:

    hi guys there is a bug for this one multidisk eboot is not working other than that is ok playing resident evil 3 nemesis and castlevania SOTN (flawless)

  13. KAGE033 says:

    hi guys there is a bug for this one multidisk eboot is not working other than that is ok playing resident evil 3 nemesis and castlevania SOTN (flawless) im very happy right now

  14. rayzr says:

    so if i get any psx(ps1) game image and convert it it should work? i need help because the screen goes blank and freezes /= or am i misunderstood? -psp 2001 cfw 6.35 v15

  15. rayzr says:

    do they have to be official ps1 downloads?

  16. Kratos says:

    GREAT !!!!!

  17. reynkz says:

    this custom firmware gets better by the second, keep up the good work Neur0n ^_^

  18. Abron says:

    Does 6.35 v15 cfw works on psp 1000?

  19. Abron says:

    Does cfw 6.35v15 work on psp-1000?


  21. dr. joe says:

    it doesnt say any thing about psp 1000s with pandora batteries is it compatible

  22. cyberangel22k says:

    When I try to sign in to PSN, (filling up the log in page) the psp crashes.. anyone got this fixed?

  23. medezio says:

    Thank ù so much u helped a LOt bRo i love u !!!!!