6.20 TN-B (HEN) Released! Download 6.20 TN-B (HEN)


Total_Noob has released This is the promised fix for PSP-3000 4G owners. It also has some important NIDs resolved and the option to also fake the the index.dat

You can also downgrade your PSP Firmware with the following limits: PSP Slim (2000) to Firmware 3.60, PSP 3000 to Firmware 4.20 and PSP GO’s to Firmware 5.70. (Instructions on how to do this are below) However this is VERY RISKY and you could brick your PSP. We at PSP Slim Hacks don’t see the point in downgrading, as pretty much does all chickHEN R2 would do. And why risk and unrecoverable brick?

Again: We don’t recommend downgrading your PSP. Its not worth the risk. PSH aren’t responsible if you brick your PSP!

(Changelog 6.20 TN-B)
– Fixed homebrew execution crash on some PSPs (thanks to HacKmaN for debugging)

– Added 4g model support

– Resolved some important NIDs

– Added FAKE INDEX.DAT to TN VSH Menu.

– Dump whatever FW with psardumper.

– Copy /F0/vsh/etc/version.txt to /seplugins/version.txt.

– Enable the option and restart VSH, now your PSP version is faked.
-> To downgrade just dump a lower FW.

Remember if you aren’t really running FW 6.20 Grab that below:

And you need HBL, get the latest Half Byte Loader release here.

6.20 TN-A (HEN) Instructions:


  • Download the 6.20 TN (Below)
  • Connect your PSP to the computer via USB
  • Place your PSP in “USB mode” with the option “USB Connection”
  • Right-click on the file you downloaded,
  • Choose “Extract Files …”( WinRAR is advised)
  • Choose like destination the letter assigned to your PSP from your computer.
  • Press OK and wait extraction files,
  • Leave the “USB Mode”on your PSP
  • In the XMB go to PSP/GAME And start the Patapon 2 demo (DL save game Below) and run Half Byte Loader.
  • In the menu of HEN, select HEN
  • Wait a few seconds your PSP will reboot!
  • You will be automatically returned to the XMB.
  • Congratulations, now enjoy your homebrew.

Download: 6.20 TN-B (HEN) by Total_Noob
(6.20 TN-B (HEN) by Total_Noob - 61.4 KiB - 37,809 Hits)

Download: Patapon 2 Save game for HBL (14th Nov update)
(Patapon 2 Save game for HBL (14th Nov update) - 137.4 KiB - 96,041 Hits)

Download: Patapon 2 Demo (USA)
(Patapon 2 Demo (USA) - 99.2 MiB - 113,542 Hits)

Source: PSPGEN

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  1. ferdie yee says:

    please help. how to downgrade v.6.38 to v.6.31 thank you so much.

  2. Ridwan says:

    does this really work on psp of 6.20 please help