6.20 TN-A (HEN) Almost here! Possible 6.20 TN-A ISO Loaders?


6.20 TN-A (HEN) Almost done says .

A few days ago Total_Noob commented to that his 6.20 TN-A (HEN) is almost done. He also posted on PSPKing.de that 6.20 TN-A now has 98% homebrew compatibility, sports a menu (like M33 and GEN Custom Firmware). Best of all it has a anti-noob NanGuard feature. Which will stop anybody (Stupidly!) writing anything to the flash and risking a brick.

Wololo has also mentioned that while Total_Noob isn’t releasing an loader. A few a teams are working on a ISO, CSO and loaders for 6.20 TN-A. Like the Open Idea ISO Loader by dridri. Wololo thinks that such ISO loaders will probably be made compatible with firmwares 6.xx with little effort. That it could be a matter of days after the 6.20 TN-A release that we see , CSO and ISO loaders.

Total_Noob told me a few days ago that the Hen was very close to completion, and he confirmed that in a post on the german site pspking.de. He announced that his Hen now has 98% homebrew compatibility, a VSH menu (probably similar to what we have on the m33 and Gen CFW), and a “NanGuard” feature, which will prevent people from stupidly writing stuff to the flash.

Last time I spoke to Total_Noob, there were still a few thing to finalize and a few bugs to fix, such as unlocking the 32MB of extended memory on models that support it.

Note that although Total_Noob announced that his Hen will not have ISO support, several teams are already actively working on game Loaders (such as Open Idea Iso Loader by dridri, which supposedly loads ISO/CSO and PSX games). Such loaders will probably be made compatible with firmwares 6.xx with little effort, and I am more and more confident that it will be a matter of days after the release of the Hen before things such as iso loading or plugin support are made available.

No word on a 6.20 TN-A (HEN) release date yet. But it can’t be too far off. We will keep you posted!

Half Byte Loader

Q: What can I do in preparation for the 6.20 TN-A release?

A: We suggest you make sure your running the latest HBL release. The kernel exploit which loads 6.20 TN-A (HEN) has to be run first via . So make sure your is the latest!

Source: Wololo

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  1. PSPFan says:

    I guess we just have to wait and see if TN, will post an expected release date? I assume it will be released via PSPGEN and at a set time like the 5.50 GEN releases. Interesting times for the PSP scene….

  2. Mokke says:

    This sounds very awesome…
    When this thing will be relesed should i then upgrade my gen d3 to TH or will that be waste of time…
    I like the new “anti-noob” feature =)
    Hope he will release soon, perfekt for christmass!! =)

  3. TYLUR says:

    if i have 5.03 Prometheus 3 would it be a good idea to update to this when its released?is there a difference?

  4. Indian Sword says:

    Woow.. Interesting !!

  5. MadClaw says:


  6. D-TeK-DeV says:

    Finally, after the long wait, the HEN is about ready to come out of its shell. @TYLUR, why would you come from a firmware to something that is for 5.50+ users. You can download that 6.31 plugin.

  7. D-TeK-DeV says:

    Funny thing about it, I already have all my cheatdevice codes ready for the plugin enabler. Im ready and set. So right now, get all the homebrews that didnt work back onto your memory stick and embrace yourselves to what the HEN has to bring.

  8. Soulboy51 says:

    I like anti noob too but does this mean i can’t change my gameboot or anything anymore?

    Thx guys srry im kinda of a noob

  9. D-TeK-DeV says:

    Wololo, Total_Noob, and other DEV’s who helped with the HBL and HEN has made history. If it wasn’t for Wololo’s HBL, Total_Noob would never be making the HEN. If it wasn’t for Total_Noobs HEN, other DEV’s wouldn’t be making ISO loaders ect. For what we’ve been through with our PSP’s with firmware 5.50+, ALL credit goes to Wololo for bringing us to this era of the homebrew community. Excellent job’s Wololo, Total_Noob, and other DEV’s for helping us bring back hope and excitement to our PSP’s

  10. D-TeK-DeV says:

    And excellent job to PSPFan for bringing us the information we need for the PSP HC (Homebrew Community)

  11. Rainmaker242 says:

    hey when the ISO Loaders are released will we still need to patch games that are made from OFW 6.20 like Birth by Sleep?

  12. DarkGigaBowser says:

    With this Hen will it be able to somehow use the 16g in a GO and use some of it as ram or is it completely different things? Sorry for asking i was just curious.

  13. D-TeK-DeV says:

    @Rainmaker when the HEN is out, it may allow us to use the 6.31 plugin. Someone might start working on one when the HEN is released

    @DarkGigaBowser those are diffrent things
    “Last time I spoke to Total_Noob, there were still a few things to finalize and a few bugs to fix, such as unlocking the 32MB of extended memory on models that support it”

  14. aian says:

    man oh man! I wanna kiss you guys! LOL Hehe :)
    i just cant wait for the release! A huge thanks for TN and Wololo and to all other dev who help! This is really a big surprise for the psp scene.im getting ready for this!
    Oh wait i just piss my pants right now. LOL!

  15. whamozen says:

    (*STUNNED*) Oh my Gawd!!!

  16. Metal gear says:

    what’s about psp 3000 ver 5.50 !

  17. Kondwani1000 says:

    will this work on a psp 2000 firmware 5.55

  18. highfighter says:

    GJ for total noob, I heard it’s autumn exam time in Germany

  19. k_guy153 says:

    Can I Upgrade my PSP 2006 5.03 GEN-C(TA088v3) to 5.50 GEN-D3???

  20. AsEr0_01 says:

    yes!!!!!!!!!!thank you psp fan for giving us info on the 6.20 TN-A ISO Loaders and thank you to Wololo, Total_Noob, and other DEV’s who helped with the HBL and HEN they made a great history on haw to hack a psp with a version 6.xx i hope that this hack can be use on or before X-mass this will be a great gift for 6.xx users………this is great for me because i am a noob on hacking a psp……..plss still give use more info on the this great hack…………oohhh can i use this hack for my psp 3006 with version 6.20……i want to be sure before i want to use this hack……..thanks again………………

    ps: plsss give me more info on this hack…………

  21. AsEr0_01 says:

    and plsss make a demo on haw to use it because i am a first time hacker and i am scare of bricking my psp 3000………..plsss small favor :))

    and i am so excited to play god of war………..etc. ohhhh one question can i play kingdome heart and disidia….because i really like it……..

  22. deityofanime says:

    Probably a stupid question, but is the service free?

  23. […] not for the higher firmware, but it is likely there will be ISO Loaders for the coming TN 6.20 Hen […]

  24. xxxnozz says:

    *munch a cookie while looking at the screen* *Drink some juice* (A few seconds later, while drinking juice and reading the article) *SPIT EVERYTHING IN MOUTH* “Awesoooooooooooommeeeee, I am now 100% sure Dridri’s Iso Loader is gonna work and Good job Wololo, Total-Noob and Dridri and all the other devs who helped in this great work which gave hope to thousands and thousands of innocent people who were stabbed in the @$$ by not being able to buy their high-priced games and btw I was gonna send Total-Noob 30$ but I didn’t know how to use Paypal xD

  25. Fargaite says:

    I love the NanGuard feature, it would really suck if Im just in the middle of using an application that touches the flash and then bam, a brick.

    Im also hoping for Plugin Support (POPs, cwcheat and audio boost), the unlocking of the extra 32MB memory (which is for whatever reason reserved for the UMD cache) which would (probably) allow me to play Jelly Car without it freezing on me >_>.

  26. jonthe838 says:

    I must ask because i cant find a real answer.
    Will this work with a PSP 3000 with FW 6.2?

    • jonthe838 says:

      And will this make so that i can play downloaded / backed up games from my memcard? :D

      • samirpc says:

        yes you will be able to run this for free on your PSP 3000 6.20 but the downloaded / backup games are in progress.

      • jonthe838 says:

        Ok. but the support will come right? i mean so i can play from mem card? :D

      • samirpc says:

        You will be able to play iso/cso/psx from your memory card but only if someone is able to make the loader for the HEN. The HEN itself does not support ISO/CSO/PSX but it can support homebrew games and apps. So we just have to wait and see if someone can make an iso/cso/psx loader.

  27. swastikmishra88 says:

    I have a psp 3004 with OFW 6.00. No HBL. Should I install a HBL before 6.20 tn-a hen release? Am I correct that ISO loaders will be released for this kernel exploit soon?

  28. D-TeK-DeV says:

    Yes, you should install HBL (r109), because you will need it to run the 6.20 TN HEN install. You are correct that ISO loaders will be released for this kernel exploit soon

  29. lito313 says:

    sooo when is psp3000 6.31 is goin to have iso loaders

    • samirpc says:

      we dont know. Theres rumors that someone is making an iso loader but we cannot be sure. with the HEN though chances are high… Remember the guys who may be trying to make the iso loaders dont have HEN to test it.

  30. HaHaHa_psp says:

    hey guys i think its really cool that it will be finally relased

  31. D-TeK-DeV says:

    I really wanted to use this before school started again

    @lito313 I really don’t know. It maybe compatible with the HEN.
    @HaHaHa_psp, everyone think its cool that the HEN is going to be released.

  32. AsEr0_01 says:

    plsss can someone give me a video on haw to use this hack plssss…….i want to see haw to use this hack……and if we us the hack can we play iso/cso games???

    ang what is a HBL(r109)

    • samirpc says:

      @AsEr0_01 I have just emailed you a full guide to installing HBL(r108) on your PSP 3000 6.20. Once you install HBL you are ready for the TN-A HEN. Remember once the HEN comes out put it in your GAME Folder on your PSP. (Connect your PSP to PC using USB Cable).

      @jonthe838 I have also given you the same full guide.

  33. paul_kaiser2010 says:

    i have a psp 3001 with 6.31 firmware (GoW ghost of sparta edition), and i’m kinda new when it comes to hacking, so i want to know if there is some kind of program that’ll help me play other games in my psp? or even play iso/cso files? cause UMD games are very expensive in the country i live in, can anyone please help me? i’m very frustrated right now cause i specifically told my older brother to buy me a psp with 5.03 firmware or lower and he got me a freakin 6.31 OFW. thanx so much for your help.

  34. noctiscloud says:

    will it work with my PSP 3004 with 5.70 firmware????
    can please anyone tell me???

  35. Mokke says:

    Maybe this is stupid, well i don’t think so but there have ben so much talk about cfw with TN’s exploit. It have got kernel acces so there should be a chance for cfw with his exploit. should’n there.

  36. samirpc says:


    Have just been given a full guide.

    Any questions just leave a comment and i will try my best to get back to you (Including Noobs)

  37. Dragoone21 says:

    I have a 3010 with 6.20 ofw, will i be able to use HEN?

    Can you send me a guide as well, i’m kinda new at hacking psp’s. i can hack 1000’s and 2000’s without problems, but I don’t have those anymore. got this 3010 model

  38. AsEr0_01 says:

    thank you dude for giving me the guide……….
    but can i ask.. can i use this guide on a HE353 that is the serial no. some people say that some psp cant be hack because of their serial no. is that hackable? and my psp model is 3006 whit a version 6.20……….i wish this hack can be realist before christmass because i want to play homebrew games………can someone give me a list on a great homebrew games and were can i download it……plssssss thank you guys……….love this site because i can ask all the things i want to now…..thank you guys…..

  39. fuserz says:

    Type your message here…

  40. prof21 says:

    Who can email me the guide, to prepare my PSP 3000 for the 6.20 HEN…


    • samirpc says:

      hey prof21 I cant post te guide here cause its to long please give me your email.

      • prof21 says:

        Hello samirpc, since I do not want to post my email here, is it possible to add it in a forum, or send me a link where I can read it.


  41. samirpc says:

    Hey guys remember Half-Byte Loader (HBL) works on ALL models of PSP, and ALL firmwares up to 6.31 included. This includes the PSP Go. Half-Byte Loader (HBL) Doesn’t work on firmwares 6.35 and higher for now. The HEN that is run on the Half-Byte Loader (HBL) will be avalible for ALL models of PSP, and ALL firmwares up to 6.20 But dont worry Total_Noob has another exploit he can use that won’t even need a demo or game. So far Sony still havn’t patched it in the latest firmware but please whatever you do don’t upgrade your PSP. And remember keep posted on PSPSlimHacks.

  42. sco_lameto says:

    hey samirpc can you send me this preparation guide ?

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  45. PSP3006 says:

    Can i update my psp 3006 with firmware 5.51 to 6.20 …, plz answer…, i afraid to update firmware 6.20

  46. Abhiraj says:

    so without iso loader we can’t run .iso or .cso games