4.00 Official firmware


Psp version 4.00 firmware is rumored to be released some time this month. Here are some new features you will have.

PLAYSTATION 3 Network titles can be played under PSP [Remote Play”] under Game. The PSP is then used as a monitor for any
game playable in Playstation 3 game console.


  • Real, Quicktime, and WMV audio and video codecs are now supported.
  • [Shockwave Player”]has been added as a feature.
  • PSP web browser has been updated to allow compatibility with current websites.
  • [Adobe Flash Player 9″] has been added as a feature, using the Memory Stick Pro Duo as flash memory.
  • [Remote Play”] has been improved by the PS3 outputting 1080p to the PSP with larger icons text and better video quality. Remote Play now transmits at 11 mbps per sec.
  • 802.11g support has been added as a feature.
  • PSOne games can now be downloaded without a PS3
  • Level 6 has been added to rate in Sony LocationFree Player to improve picture quality in H.264
  • [Auto Connect”] has been added as a feature


  • More visuals has been added as a feature.


  • Real, QuickTime, and WMV audio and video codecs are now supported.
  • RSS [Video Streaming”] has been added as a feature.
  • [Color Configuration”] has been added as a feature.
  • Recording has been added as a feature under Audio and Video RSS Streaming.

Photo / Settings / Other

  • Copy, Command, Paste, Auto Complete, and Advanced Cookie Management has been added as a feature.

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  1. Neil says:

    I’m disappointed DivX support isn’t on the list. But, a web browser update? That’s a first :)

  2. Lasse says:

    Yeah Im still w8ting for the divx hate to convert all the anime so that i can watch them on my psp.

  3. Killavus says:

    Lasse, I have a similiar problem ;)… I’m too lazy to convert whole Clannad into h.264 420×272 format >.<.


  4. Simon says:

    That sounds REALLY fake…

  5. Neil says:

    lol, probably is.

  6. TAG says:

    Sounds fake…
    – too big improvements list
    – 802.11g support cannot be added as a “feature”, its a hardware change, not software.

  7. jb says:


  8. SUPER_jEDI7 says:

    if they added any more movie codecs at all that be major update..but real and quick time…coudnt they of did that by now if wanted to?

  9. Skattz says:

    Sounds awesome. Can’t wait. Wow if they can use memory stick as memory, that’ll be sooo much better.

  10. ALIENWARE says:

    Adobe flash 9,wow,this means we can play NEWGROUNDS games like ALIEN HOMINID and THING THING series,if this is real,it will be the greatest update.DARK ALEX,we need you soon.

  11. deckboi says:

    I wonder will you be able 2 watch videos from the web . From websites
    such as yahoo music and youtube?

  12. nate says:

    IF IT IS true tat is…tat wireless g is mostly fake as it is a hardware stuff not a simple software upgrade would do…

  13. jko0l says:

    this dont sound like sony
    they would never have a big giveaway like this
    this aint gon happen

  14. Lasse says:

    There is a big chance that this information is fake. But It is possible to ad 802.11g support whit out changing the hardware but the speed will still be 11 Mbit/s .
    But if any thing sounds to good to be true it then it most time is fake.

  15. Snigel says:

    Well 54mbit should be possible on the slim but possibly not on the fat. Instead of saying “a change in hardware is required” try taking a look of what hardware is inside. The research done suppose that slim already has 802.11g circuits, but no internal firmware supporting anything but 802.11b

    Anyway, this seems to be really fake. For example outputting 1080p to the psp. No need for that and 11mbit would not be enough at all.

    Or “quicktime support”. Well quicktime use h.264/avc nowadays which is already supported.

  16. FinalGamerX says:

    Im thinking this is fake or if it isnt its gonna come for a whole bunch of new problems for us CFW users. Cause its gonna take Dark Alex for ever to go through all thos damn upgrades. But this does sounds fake…..

  17. Oranginator says:

    I think more obscure media types should be supported like FLAC, mkv etc…

  18. Trampek says:

    when this is avanible to downlonad?

  19. Sharath says:

    TOo good to be true..this is an april fool prank maybe…saying the f/w will release on april 1st…lol

  20. PSP-Fan says:

    M33Fan where did you get this info from? Must be an April fools?

    Sounds very fake

  21. CDNGamer says:

    I have seen this posted on several PSP forums. This is, and will continue to be until it is posted on Sony’s website, a total farse.

  22. k1ng1991 says:

    i think it comes out on march 24 but my source isnt very accurate. so dont get ur hopes up.

  23. M33fan says:

    I really dont remeber were i got it from but i saw this same ino on more than one site i know i saw it on maxconsole. but i also saw this on another forum.

  24. PSP-Fan says:

    How can the unit have wireless G 54Mps. If the hardware is not there :(

  25. M33Fan says:

    i dont know i just got this off of another site and thought it was intressting. and i thought it was all reall cause iv seen it on 2 or 3 sites. :)

  26. The Shrike says:

    Sounds like April fools day to me. Way too much stuff!

  27. 713tex says:

    That looks like a wish list if I’ve ever seen one.

  28. Bassoon says:

    Well… What can I say. If it’s really coming out, it’ll be about 80 or more MB. Have they ever done that before.Hmm… No. Plus they never loose a chance to a security patch whitch I dont see in the list. Thou’ the 802.11g support isn’t so unreal.Like it was said before, it would run slower, perhaps even slower than the original.Than why would they put it in anyway. I don’t think we’ll ever see that kind of upgrade in the official firmware.At least not any time soon.

  29. Cylasis says:

    Finaly a new flash player now i can use youtube and play mini clip when bored of my psp games finally

  30. Cylasis says:

    has anyone checked their site http://www.us.playstation.com/PSP/About

  31. Cylasis says:

    hey guyz you dont need a ps3 to get ps1 games on psp i done it witout it my friend used a computer and a psx disc(game)

  32. Rogdrik says:


    I hope the video codecs are true….i dont want to change all my DBZ Anime from real to MP4 format

  33. Ivan_PSP says:

    Wow so many idiots here there not saying is coming out with any of those features the writer of the article is just predicting aka assuming the update might be like that. i dont think real or quicktime will be supported flash9 maybe video streaming i think so and psx download yes and web browser improvement maybe the wifi not.

  34. primus1213 says:

    I think that its a good posibility that its real somtimes theas things are tru but it might be fake i mean their doing biger and beter things with the new psp slim i am looking forwerd to wmv format videos so i dont haft to convert theam

  35. sony5446348484894944894 says:

    I hope this is not a fake even though it might be because i’m looking forward to watching youtube and other music video sites on my psp

  36. DarkAlex says:

    I am pleased to say that I have the 4.00 update currently on my PSP. I will be posting a link soon.

  37. Ivan_PSP says:

    # DarkAlex Says:
    March 18th, 2008 at 3:24 am

    “I am pleased to say that I have the 4.00 update currently on my PSP. I will be posting a link soon.”
    Loser lier get a life faker.

  38. margens says:

    yo….. i jus really dont give a fuk bout all dis firmware shit i jus wanna play ma psp

  39. margens says:

    n also…………. wen dis shit comin out son

  40. thug_fo_life says:

    yo…. i no dis have nuffin 2 do wit dis but i cant access ma recovery mode in ma slim 3.90 m33…….. somoene tell me y

  41. margens says:

    fuk iz u talkin bout son

  42. margens says:

    we all talkin bout da new firmware n u here posting sum boul shit

  43. VM says:

    scince it is a X.00

    it should be big, probably even bigger!!!

  44. Me says:

    If this were a update they would have added support for FLAC and OGG. Then they would make the PSP attractive.

  45. Chronos says:

    You actually can play DivX on the psp alreaddy. If you download PSPtube(the latest ones work best) when you open your psptube files and go in favourites….some video formats van be put in it and played on your psp offline! I am not sure what formats all work but some have worked for me :) And ofcourse .flv files work and I thought DivX also worked on it.

  46. kanatro says:

    please let me know when ofw 4.00 comes out.

  47. PSP LOver BOi12 says:

    man yall should make the 4.0 firmware to were u can sve games to the memory stick thats the main reason that i bought a psp

  48. Raylite says:

    Its May 31st and no update yet

  49. THE_PHOENIX says:

    i wish this version really launches, it is great
    the Divx is not a problem because psptube can play Divx
    but the most wonderful thing in this version is that it can play WMV videos
    and im so glad the the web browser will updated, the flash memory will be the memory stick
    but june is going to end soon and this version hasn’t been launched yet
    will it come??
    or that is all rumors