*UPDATE* PS Vita 3.15 FW incoming! adds PS4 support for PS VitaTV   PS1/PSP Games for PS Vita pulled, PSN Glitch blamed   PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita  
  • *UPDATE* PS Vita 3.15 FW incoming! adds PS4 support for PS VitaTV *UPDATE* PS Vita 3.15 FW incoming! adds PS4 support for PS VitaTV

    *UPDATE* Its official. The PS Vita 3.15 System Software update will land tomorrow and add better compatibility and support for [...]

  • PS1/PSP Games for PS Vita pulled, PSN Glitch blamed PS1/PSP Games for PS Vita pulled, PSN Glitch blamed

    Consider yourself really lucky if you read our article about PS1/PSP demos and classics (here) and bought some of your [...]

  • PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita PS1/PSP classics revived for PS Vita

    If you are a fan of PlayStation Classics then you’re in for a really pleasant surprise. It seems that PSP [...]


Dead Island 2 Will Be Playable At Gamescom 2014

If you’re heading to this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, you’ll be pleased to know Dead Island 2 is taking center stage in Deep Silver’s lineup, among other anticipated titles including Metro Redux, Sacred 3, Emergency 5, Risen 3: Titan Lords, and Dead Island Epidemic. [...]


YouPorn E-Sports Contract Has Been Drafted

Recently YouPorn had stated an interest in being a sponsor for an eSports team, preferably for League of Legends, Hearthstone, or Dota 2 teams. It was confusing for most, because everyone wondered what interest a company such as YouPorn had in video game tournaments. The [...]


HTC Nexus 8 Announcement August 19

On Wednesday of this week HTC has announced they will be hosting an event in New York City for something not yet known to the public. HTC are letting few details escape about the event, which has lead many to speculate on what the event is [...]


Galaga Character Makes Item Cameo In New Super Smash Bros.

Masahiro Sakurai, Super Smash Bros. director, has taken to Miiverse and posted a picture with details surrounding a new item in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games. The item is a character from the classic shooter Galaga — that is named Boss Galaga — and [...]


Dota 2 Team NewBee Recognized by Guinness Book of World Records

The champion of the Dota 2 International, the Chinese eSports club NewBee, will be recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for their collected prize winnings of 5,028,308 Million dollars. The team took home the prize after beating rivals Vici Gaming in Seattle, Washington [...]


Logitech is Making A Video Game and Wants You To Help Out

Logitech, best known for their electronics and accessories, will be producing a video game. However, they’re going through the process a little bit differently. They’re going to need your opinion to help the game move along. The project from Logitech is called “Together We Game,” where [...]


Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct Coming August 4th

Are you clamoring for new details about Zelda’s Dynasty Warriors crossover? Fear not my friends, because Nintendo recently tweeted that we’ll learn more about Hyrule Warriors during a special Nintendo Direct on August 4th. The event is scheduled to begin streaming at 8PM PT/11PM ET. [...]


Free trials for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn start today for the UK

Sorry everybody but the free trials for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn are for the UK only Since re-releasing Final Fantasy 14 its become a massive hit for both Final Fantasy and MMO fans alike but if you live in the UK and never gave [...]


Assassin’s Creed Memories Coming To iOS

Do you want to enjoy the enthralling history of Assassin’s Creed on the go? According to a fresh post on the official Ubisoft Blog, you’ll be able to do that in a new mobile experience called Assassin’s Creed Memories. Not much is known about the [...]


Best Mobile Game Title at Casual Connect 2014 – Mr Runner 2

Mr Runner 2: The Masks takes Best Mobile Game Title at Casual Connect 2014 Head and shoulders above a wide variety of indie titles, in the running for the award, Mr Runner 2: The Masks has won the Best Mobile Game title at Casual Connect [...]


Don’t Starve Expansion Reign of Giants Is Out Now on PS4

The Reign of Giants expansion for Don’t Starve is now live for North American PlayStation 4 owners. For you European players, the expansion will be available to download tomorrow. It’ll set you back $4.99 and comes with two new characters, two new seasons, new biomes [...]


Are “Freemium” games killing mobile gaming?

As phones and tablets began to get better processors and more powerful internals, mobile gaming began its ascent as an actual platform that was actually beginning to make its mark in the gaming market. Mobile gaming was in its infancy, but developers saw potential in [...]


GameStop Promises A Big Game Announcement Tomorrow

The official GameStop twitter account has tweeted a mysterious blurred picture that is related to a big game announcement set to occur very soon. Earlier today GameStop’s official Twitter account posted the following Tweet: Big announcement for a big game tomorrow… pic.twitter.com/nSBW7HlFRV — GameStop (@GameStop) [...]


Sorry But Serenity Isn’t Coming to Bungie’s Destiny

The Internet got itself into a bit of a flurry when Bungie, the creators of Halo and the upcoming Destiny, tweeted this: Not available in Beta: http://t.co/XLOBbp6MMc — Bungie (@Bungie) July 22, 2014 The image they linked shows Serenity, the Firefly-class vessel at the heart [...]